Windshield Chip Repair

     In a large city like Phoenix. the choice of windshield repair services is quite wide. But not all provide the level of service that customers expect for their money. At Alsup Auto Glass we not only offer you an affordable solutions but also give you your money’s worth with our quality repairs. We make the servicing process convenient for you with our mobile repair service.

    A chip is a very small windshield crack that measures less than .5 inches. Over its lifetime, your vehicle’s windshield develops chips as a result of flying debris or rocks. Unfortunately, however careful you are, windshield chips are unavoidable. Getting a quick chip repair when you spot minor dings in your windshields is a smart decision. If left unattended, chips can develop into larger cracks, affecting your windshield’s appearance as well as its longevity. You will then be left with no choice but to get a complete windshield replacement.

     Alsup Auto Glass offers effectively, affordable and mobile windshield repair solutions. We use the rock chip repair process to fix the chips in your windshield quickly. It involves injecting special adhesives into the affected areas of the glass. It is the best and most convenient way to repair your windshield chips, and restore its looks and longevity.

     As good of a repair place as we are, don’t forget one thing: repairs can’t be done on wet or moist surfaces! The damaged area must be dirt free. If rain is expected, then take a piece of scotch tape and place it on top the crack. This will help you keep a dry windshield where needed until a repair can be made. Also note that if you have had a crack or a rock chip fixed before, it isn’t possible to add any more resin into a crack that’s already filled with liquid auto glass. Therefore, repairs can only be done once on one glass chip.

     Chip Repair’s not covered by insurance can run from $45.00 to $65.00. This includes mobile service. Usually Chip Repairs covered by your insurance company are free of charge to you. Chip repairs usually restore somewhere between 75% and 95% of the optical clarity to the damaged area. This depends on several factors including the severity, age, and the amount of contamination in the damage. In most cases the completed repair will look like a small water spot or bug splat, however, it will not be completely invisible.

      There are instances where a windshield is just too severely damaged and will have to be replaced. While no one wants to replace their windshield unnecessarily, you can count on Alsup Auto Glass to get the job done right!